Project 0
(due at 23:59:59 10/06)

This is not a Nachos project, but may be helpful for you to refresh your knowledge of C/C++ and learn how to use GNU Make. You need to:

  • Implement the functions specified in project_0.h. Only one source file named project_0.c may be used to include all these functions.

  • Provide a Makefile, which let me build your project by simply typing make. This should generate a program called project_0 in the directory, whose execution should demonstrate that your functions work. If you don't know what I am talking about, learn how to use GNU Make yourself. Your understanding of GNU Make should be at such a level that you can do this project and later on revise Makefiles in Nachos package.

  • Package your project, including your project_0.c and Makefile, and name it project_0_lastname_firstname.tar.gz. This package should include one directory named project_0_lastname_firstname and contains all the files but not any binary code file. You should use all small letters for your names. For example, project_0_niu_jinzhong.tar.gz.

  • Submit your package by emailing me at jniu at before 23:59:59 10/06.
NOTE: Those who do not comply with the above name conventions and due time requirement will have a score of 0.