CSc31800 Internet Programming

Spring 2004, CCNY-CUNY, Jinzhong Niu

Homework/Project Online Submission

If you ask for time extension of a homework or project by taking some "flexible days" and thus are supposed to submit your work on a day when we don't meet, you may do so electronically by following the procedure below. Note that you should submit before the due day ends, i.e. before 23:59:59 on that day. For example, you ask one day extention for a project that is due originally on Monday, then the new due time is Tueday 23:59:59. And NO email submission will be accepted later on.

To submit,

1. Preparation

Visit the Solaris machines by either SSHing or sitting physically in UNIX-lab.
Create a new directory somewhere in your home directory, say named "proj3".
Put all the files you are going to submit into proj3 and do not include any irrelevant file.
2. Submission
Enter the directory you just created and execute "~jniu/bin/submit STRING" command (the argument STRING should at least include your name and project number, e.g. JinzhongNiu-Project3). If everything goes well, you will see the following on your console:
bash-2.03$ ~jniu/bin/submit JinzhongNiu-Project3

Hello, jniu:

Please wait ...

You have successfully submitted your work!

Have a nice day!

3. Demonstration (optional)
If I have any question about your work, you may possibly be asked to demonstrate it and give explanation.

© Jinzhong Niu, 2004