CSc31800 Internet Programming

Spring 2004, CCNY-CUNY, Jinzhong Niu

Comments on Project #2 - Web Client

In spite of some issues having been explained here, some students still did the project in the wrong way. Again you should have a look at this website time to time and pay attention to the emails sent out through the Yahoo email-list, otherwise it makes no sense for me to post and update information in a timely manner.

Grading the project is based on the following aspects:
1. If your program works as required, i.e. requesting and obtaining a HTML file from a given website automatically
2. If your report explains clearly what you have done
3. If your program is powerful enough to obtain a resource at a URL that may include a specific path or file name
4. If your program correctly provides both '\r' and '\n' at the end of each line in the request message so that it works well with all web servers instead of only those nice ones (those accepting lines ending with only '\n')
5. If your program is elegantly coded
6. If your report is elegantly organized

If 1 and 2 are met, you will have a base score of 80.
If 3 is true, more points will be given.
If 4 is not true, some points will be deducted.
5 and 6 also weigh to more extent.

© Jinzhong Niu, 2004